Pumpkin Patch


I am very basic.

I love pumpkins.. pumpkin patches and I HAVE to take photos to document.


I love this outfit of mine. This jacket is a personal FAV! It is an extra long Levi jacket I got from Marshall’s and my thigh high boots are from Nordstrom.


I am pretty cheap when it comes to clothing. Although I will I splurge on something like these boots. But, I had to. I am glad I did they are comfortable and I wear them for everything.. Halloween, out dancing, with dresses, over leggings and with jeans.


The Power of Pinterest

When I try to think of life before Pinterest I feel overwhelmed… like wait? There was life before Pinterest?!

For so many years I have been so active on Pinterest it is hard to remember what I did before I could pin my life away.

One of the number one things I enjoy about Pinterest- the quotes!

Here are a few of my favorites as of lately:


Simple quotes about happiness, life and growth tend to be what I gravitate towards. We all know that happiness is homemade but, it is great to read a quote and be reminded that we are the only one who can make ourselves genuinely happy.

Life is too short not to be happy and grateful for all the little things.


XOXO meggy G