Lover of Love.

My entire life I have been so in love with love.

Growing up I found myself obsessing over the Disney princesses love stories.

I latched on to any romantic comedy that was on TV.

Sang my heart out to any love song.

I love.. LOVE! Always have & always will.

I have a big heart that has been worn on my sleeve always. Sometimes it has had downsides but life has never changed that about me.

It has been hard to be a hopeless romantic in my generation. Not everyone values romance and connections anymore.

Luckily life rewarded me with a sweet man who protects the heart I wear on my sleeve.

I could not be more grateful for him or for the joy that his love brings into my world.

He lives in Romania right now so we are super long distance lovers.

AKA I will probably always write about missing him. But, dang it is nice to have someone to miss this much.



Party Time


I LOVE birthdays.

I enjoy celebrations, parties, dinners, gifts.. everything to do with birthdays.

Over the weekend I was luckily enough to get to plan a party for my favorite person.

This is Tayja. She is my brother’s girlfriend but also one of my best friends. I decorated my house, got all the drinks and snacks & had everyone get dressed up!
Girls LOVE to get dolled up but, sometimes it takes having that special reason to do so.


It was a perfect night of singing, dancing & lots of pictures!!


Before we went out we went to THE cutest boutique ever. Like Tayja’s top is to die for!!!

It is called Spoiled Boutique. They have cute, unique outfits that are fairly priced!




Too much fun. I would for sure replay this night if I could!


Rise.. Shout.. because VCC Winter Collection is officially out!



Back at it again with my favorite clothing line.

Visionary Club Clothing released their winter collection and even though Utah is official cold my outfits will be fire!!

A few of my favorite pieces are:

I feel beanies are THE perfect winter accessory.

They make bad hair days good, they keep you warm and they make you feel cute!

Be sure to check out their entire collection — you won’t regret it!

vcc winter


Comfy Clothes & Coffee

First things first– growing up I LOVED Juicy Couture sweatsuits. I thought I was sooo cool because my mom would always get them for me. I am so happy that velvet sweatsuits are coming back in style.


They are cute and so comfortable.

I also love the holidays. It is exciting when Starbucks comes out with their holiday cup. I think it so pretty this year.



My slides I got from Spoiled Boutique in Utah.

Sweetest owner and cutest clothes!!



About Me


I used to LOVE to blog.

During my undergrad at Utah State many years ago I started a blog.

It was fun to have somewhere to express myself — some form of creative escape.

I lost sight of time and was always “too busy”. So, here I am again 5-6 years later and ready to blog again.

I live in SLC, UT. Born and raised. Utah is all I know.. haha

I have the cutest German Shepherd named Jazz Bear. He is a little over a year old. He is my sidekick!

Hence the name– I am a HUGE Utah Jazz fan.

I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world. He is currently far, far away and we are doing long distance. It is so worth it because it is hard to find real, genuine people these days. Destiny led us together and nothing could tear us apart. He travels for work so I get to go lots of places and expeirnce things I never thought imaginable. All with my lover by my side.

I love my family, friends and I feel grateful to live such a fun life!

I love a lot of things– so, this blog will kind of embody all of my favorite things!





Bubble Baths

What is the BEST thing to do after a long day of work?


I really enjoy unwinding after a long day. It is therapeutic and so very necessary.

I am a high strung human living a high strung life. I wear myself out because I am a ball of energy always on the go.

My baths aren’t complete without:

  • A bath bomb
  • Lots of candles to set the aimbiance
  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt
  • A good book.

Right now I am reading “The Self-Love Experiment” by Shannon Kaiser. So far, I LOVE IT! It has great reminders about self-love and self-care. We have to be aware of how we are treating our body and speaking about ourselves.

Life will treat you better if you treat yourself with love.

It is easy in our day and age to be overcritical. We live in a world of perfection– we strive for perfection, post our perfectly posed photos and only share the best parts of our world.

It is good to remind yourself that you HAVE to love yourself..imperfections and all.

After any bath I like to put on my Stress Relief Lotion from Bath & Body Works. It has eucalyptus and smells amazing!!!!


Don’t forget to take time for yourself each and everyday. We can’t pour from a glass that is half full. You must take time to check in with yourself, make sure you are happy & rested and most importantly if you don’t take care of yourself who will?


Avoiding the Grad School Blues


I am currently in Grad School to get my MHR. I love Human Resources and I love my Masters Program. But, somedays I start to feel defeated. I am a total perfectionist. I am very hard on myself and I tend to take on more than I can handle. But, I wouldn’t change that about myself.

I like that I expect nothing but the best from myself, I think it has made me the driven person I am today.

Grad school full time and working full time has challenged me in ways I didn’t imagine were possible. I love it. It is gratifying that I am able to work and continue my education.

Every few weeks I will have a rough school day — today is an example.

I was a little worn down and still had to write a 9 page paper. So, whenever I feel the blues coming I remind myself that nothing worth having comes easy and that reaching milestones in life will push your limits.

Quotes are great reminders to myself to push through the good days and the bad days.


epictetus-great-thing-8x10-colorfranklin-energy-persistence-8x10-colorgrass-greener-where-you-water8x10greenjordan-be-afraid-not-to-try-8x10-orangeI got all these cute quote banners off this blog — I was searching on Pinterest and fell in LOVE!