My Fav Clothing Brand


My favorite clothing brand by far is Visionary Club Clothing.

VCC has me looking all swaggy even at the airport.

Whenever I wear Visionary Clothing people are always asking me about the squid.

So here you go:

Visionary Club Clothing is all about being a visionary. Which is where the squid came from because the squid is a true visionary. This marine predator has camera like vision that comes in handy giving it an advantage of seeing things other. The squid also has the ability to camouflage in order to adapt to its surroundings. The squid uses this as defense and to assist in catching its prey.

When we are in our darkest moments in life we have to become a squid.  We have to have the VISION to see opportunities where others do not. We have to be able to adapt to our surroundings in order to survive and flourish in the world that we live in. The squid represents the true visionary.


I am all about wearing clothes that represent my style but also have a greater purpose. Visionary Club has meaning, substance and looks great too.


Go check them out!



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