Avoiding the Grad School Blues


I am currently in Grad School to get my MHR. I love Human Resources and I love my Masters Program. But, somedays I start to feel defeated. I am a total perfectionist. I am very hard on myself and I tend to take on more than I can handle. But, I wouldn’t change that about myself.

I like that I expect nothing but the best from myself, I think it has made me the driven person I am today.

Grad school full time and working full time has challenged me in ways I didn’t imagine were possible. I love it. It is gratifying that I am able to work and continue my education.

Every few weeks I will have a rough school day — today is an example.

I was a little worn down and still had to write a 9 page paper. So, whenever I feel the blues coming I remind myself that nothing worth having comes easy and that reaching milestones in life will push your limits.

Quotes are great reminders to myself to push through the good days and the bad days.


epictetus-great-thing-8x10-colorfranklin-energy-persistence-8x10-colorgrass-greener-where-you-water8x10greenjordan-be-afraid-not-to-try-8x10-orangeI got all these cute quote banners off this blog — I was searching on Pinterest and fell in LOVE!



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