About Me


I used to LOVE to blog.

During my undergrad at Utah State many years ago I started a blog.

It was fun to have somewhere to express myself — some form of creative escape.

I lost sight of time and was always “too busy”. So, here I am again 5-6 years later and ready to blog again.

I live in SLC, UT. Born and raised. Utah is all I know.. haha

I have the cutest German Shepherd named Jazz Bear. He is a little over a year old. He is my sidekick!

Hence the name– I am a HUGE Utah Jazz fan.

I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world. He is currently far, far away and we are doing long distance. It is so worth it because it is hard to find real, genuine people these days. Destiny led us together and nothing could tear us apart. He travels for work so I get to go lots of places and expeirnce things I never thought imaginable. All with my lover by my side.

I love my family, friends and I feel grateful to live such a fun life!

I love a lot of things– so, this blog will kind of embody all of my favorite things!






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