Lover of Love.

My entire life I have been so in love with love.

Growing up I found myself obsessing over the Disney princesses love stories.

I latched on to any romantic comedy that was on TV.

Sang my heart out to any love song.

I love.. LOVE! Always have & always will.

I have a big heart that has been worn on my sleeve always. Sometimes it has had downsides but life has never changed that about me.

It has been hard to be a hopeless romantic in my generation. Not everyone values romance and connections anymore.

Luckily life rewarded me with a sweet man who protects the heart I wear on my sleeve.

I could not be more grateful for him or for the joy that his love brings into my world.

He lives in Romania right now so we are super long distance lovers.

AKA I will probably always write about missing him. But, dang it is nice to have someone to miss this much.



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