Whenever life has me feeling overwhelmed I like to write down what I am grateful for.



I started doing this in college.

It is the best way to snap out of anything— feeling sad, feeling stressed or feeling jealous of other’s lives.


So, here is what I am grateful for today:


My sweet momma- I could never put into words all that she does for me. She is always helping me get through life and we laugh always. We are a riot together. So, I am extra grateful for her.


My sweet lover boy- he is my biggest cheerleader. Always celebrating with me my tiny victories in life. Especially through Graduate School. He has been the greatest. I am also grateful that his job makes it so I travel to fun new places. On Christmas Eve I am heading to Europe and I cannot wait!!


My baby dog- literally it is impossible to be sad in the morning when I wake up to him smiling so big. He loves me unconditionally & makes everything more exciting!


My big bro- he is always there to hear me vent about my day or tell me random cool facts. He also helps me with my dog so much. He is Jazz’s favorite person!


I am grateful that I have the opportunity to live in Utah. I love all of the beauty that surrounds me. It is weird but after all these years I have never gotten used to the mountains. Almost every day on my way home from work I find myself saying dang— those are beautiful. They make snow, sunsets & fall even prettier!


The chance to further my education. On the nights where I am so tired I can’t seem to read another page… I remind myself it is a blessing to have the opportunity to pursue my Masters Degree.


Last but not least, my health. I am healthy & happy. I have very few limitations in life. I can go places, see things, experience things.. all while laughing.


Feeling blessed, grateful & honored to see another day!



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