Life Lessons of 2017

#1- Grad school is hard… lol (But it is preparing me for the harder things to come.)


I honestly miss my time in Logan during my undergrad. I think in each chapter of my life I have forgotten to appreciate the beauty or simplicity of it.

High school my biggest worry was drill practice or my speech homework.

Then in college, I had to learn how to live on my own & I worked maybe 15 hours a week. I thought that was soooo challenging. Balancing work, boys, school, life and making sure my laundry was kept up.

Now during graduate school I am trying to maintain my house, work and stay up with my school work. Sometimes I get sooooo stressed out. But, it is just teaching me how to prioritize my time. Choosing wisely what events to or not to attend, making sure I make time to take care of myself and still completely my daily checklists.

In work, school and life I always make checklists.

Anyway I learned that I have to try to find joy in the chaos because as my life continues my stress will increase and each moment might just feel like the craziest thing ever.

#2- Dog mom life is not all roses and daises:


I have never raised a dog. I really never liked dogs before I got Jazz Bear. I have been blessed because he is overall a really good dog. But, I am a very average dog mom when it comes to training. I learned that my lack of consistency with his training has not done him any favors. In 2018, I hope to crack down on his training, work on his recall and help him overcome his fears of new people.

#3- Traveling is addictive:


I feel lucky that I got to travel as much as I did this year. I learn so much from each new place that I get to visit.. but, lets be honest at the end of each trip I am planning the next one. HAHA I am really excited for all the traveling adventures that 2018 has in store for me.




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