First Day in Iasi

As expected I am having a blast. It was ironic because when people would ask where I was going for the holidays & I would respond “Romania” most people were like oh… interesting…


Before Jaleel played here I am going to be honest. I had no idea what Romania was, where it was or any details. But, once he told me he was headed here I started to research. When I say research I went to Google haha

Honestly it is a beautiful country. I am impressed. For my first day here, I slept in. I was super tired from the long day of travel. Then Jaleel showed me around. We walked to the mall so I could see parts of the city. Everything is older here, they don’t have many new buildings or buildings that have had many renovations done.

The churches are gorgeous here!

I think the graffiti everywhere is pretty cool. It is more so on the college side of town. Jaleel lives more towards where all the college students live. I had to stop and do a photo shoot by the graffiti. I think graffiti can be such a work of art. I don’t see it much in Utah so it is really interesting to me.

We went to the mall. There was a KFC in the food court haha. It makes me laugh because the first KFC ever was right by my house and now I have seen a KFC in the Dominican Republic & Romania. The food court also had a Chinese restaurant but Chinese was spelt with a Z.

After we ate, I did lots of shopping. Things are very cheap here so of course I had to get some fun jackets. I even got a sick new pair of Nikes.


PS. The people here don’t seem to smile a ton. It is interesting. They mean mug a lot.


We ended the night at the movies. It was surprising but they show their movies in English with Romanian subtitles. I have never been into the Star Wars series but it was AMAZING. We loved it!

Looking forward to exploring more as my trip goes on.

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