My BFF Jazz

Growing up I did not like dogs. There was a point in time that I hated dogs and said my children would never have a dog… lol Fast forward a few years.. a dog is my world. WHAT! Yes, I have dog hair all over my car, my house and my beloved black leggings.

Summer of 2016– I was in a very weird place. I was tired of going to the bar, not sure who my friends were and I was lonely. I was very anti men at this point because.. well many reasons haha. But,  I started looking into getting a dog. I first looked at German Shepherds because that is all I know. I grew up with German Shepherd and even my brothers had them. I also thought I would love a Golden Retriever.

I quickly found out how expensive Shepherds are. I had $400 to spend. I would check KSL everyday to see if there was one in my price range. Then one day I saw that the price for a litter had gone down. I got the cash out just in case, made my entire family come and went to see if I liked the boy puppy that was left. (There were two girls and one boy left)

Then there was tiny Jazz Bear in a hole smiling of course. The second I pulled him out to meet him he rolled on to his back and let me rub his belly. It was love at first sight I swear. He was SO cute. I took him home haha. I got the cutest clearance German Shepherd! I have videos of day one until today of him smiling at me.

I did not in that moment understand the impact he would make on my life. I was scared because I did not know what it was like to have a dog. He slept in my bed and I took him everywhere. We got closer and closer as the days went on.

Jazz Bear taught me what unconditional love is all about. It does not matter if I step on his tail, leave him in the car for an hour while I shop, make him sit at work.. anything I do he is smiling up at me. He loves me when I feel pretty or when I look like dirt. He is the sweetest little guy.

I can’t imagine my life without him.

When I needed a hand, life gave me your paw.

PS If you are in a weird place in life and need love.. get a dog. (They are lots of work and expensive but the best companions ever)




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