Long Distance Love

Clearly I am writing this because there is a special someone that I am missing…just a little bit extra tonight. Long distance love is extremely complicated and difficult(well worth it though). We not only have the distance issue but the time difference issue to tackle as well. It is 10:28pm here and I am so tired I am barely awake (I am a sleepy girl/granny) he is dead asleep because it is 7:28am there. We have tried it all. He is the best because he stays up late to be able to talk to me. He usually stays up until about 1am so we can text and maximize our time to talk.

Anyway instead of sitting here being super sad because my favorite human is on the other side of the world asleep I am going to focus on all of the things in 2018 that make long distance love a little bit easier.

#1- FACETIME: I swear I feel like I am hanging out with him. We can eat together, scroll through IG at the same time, watch a video together.. even fall asleep together. I am super grateful for FaceTime.

#2- SOCIAL MEDIA: I am the more annoying one so he will wake up to a text, a Marco-polo (the cooler snapchat you should try it), a twitter DM and a few Instagram DMs of random things I see throughout my day that remind me of him. It is fun for us to wake up feeling like we were a part of each other’s days! It is a simple picture of what we had for dinner or video saying goodnight that helps!

#3- PHOTOS/VIDEOS: I love to look at old pictures or listen to videos whenever I miss his voice and face. I feel nostalgic whenever I look at our photos. I even use iMovie to make random little clips to watch. It makes me feel a little bit closer to him.

So, as much as it sucks to be this far from my love at least technology helps bridge the gap. It is not a forever thing so it is cool to have a way to feel close to him in the meantime. Thanks 2018 for making it easier to long distance love!!!



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