Girl Gang


What does girl power mean to you?


To me- girl power means a girl being anything she wants to be…doing anything she wants to do and being strong.

I was raised by a strong woman. My mom was not only a phenomenal mom but also a business woman. She taught me that I could become anything I wanted as long as I was willing to put forth the effort. Hard work pays off. Not always how you want it to but it always pays off.

I am such a firm believer in supporting the success of all- just because you see someone else being a boss babe does not mean you cannot be one yourself.

I want to cheer for women to succeed. I feel happy when they post their fitness journey. I feel joy when I see a friend get a promotion. Even if a girl online is a complete stranger I want to celebrate her successes.


To me that is what a girl gang is- girls united to support each other through life!



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