My BFF Jazz

Growing up I did not like dogs. There was a point in time that I hated dogs and said my children would never have a dog… lol Fast forward a few years.. a dog is my world. WHAT! Yes, I have dog hair all over my car, my house and my beloved black leggings.

Summer of 2016– I was in a very weird place. I was tired of going to the bar, not sure who my friends were and I was lonely. I was very anti men at this point because.. well many reasons haha. But,  I started looking into getting a dog. I first looked at German Shepherds because that is all I know. I grew up with German Shepherd and even my brothers had them. I also thought I would love a Golden Retriever.

I quickly found out how expensive Shepherds are. I had $400 to spend. I would check KSL everyday to see if there was one in my price range. Then one day I saw that the price for a litter had gone down. I got the cash out just in case, made my entire family come and went to see if I liked the boy puppy that was left. (There were two girls and one boy left)

Then there was tiny Jazz Bear in a hole smiling of course. The second I pulled him out to meet him he rolled on to his back and let me rub his belly. It was love at first sight I swear. He was SO cute. I took him home haha. I got the cutest clearance German Shepherd! I have videos of day one until today of him smiling at me.

I did not in that moment understand the impact he would make on my life. I was scared because I did not know what it was like to have a dog. He slept in my bed and I took him everywhere. We got closer and closer as the days went on.

Jazz Bear taught me what unconditional love is all about. It does not matter if I step on his tail, leave him in the car for an hour while I shop, make him sit at work.. anything I do he is smiling up at me. He loves me when I feel pretty or when I look like dirt. He is the sweetest little guy.

I can’t imagine my life without him.

When I needed a hand, life gave me your paw.

PS If you are in a weird place in life and need love.. get a dog. (They are lots of work and expensive but the best companions ever)




Raider Nation

Growing up I was raised in a household that LOVES sports so, in turn here I am a lover of sports.


People as why the Raiders? Well, Utah doesn’t have a professional football team. So, most people in Utah like the Broncos or Steelers. But, my dad was born in Oakland and my mom growing up loved the Raiders.


So growing up we have loved and supported the Raiders. Last season I went to my first Raider game! It was an experience of a lifetime.

The fans are die hard and so nice.

Everyone invited us into their tailgate spots to try food and get the full Raider Nation experience.



I got this Baseball Jersey from Forever 21 on clearance for $16! And I love it!!!

Iasi in Review




I love photos— sooo much! I think everyone I love gets tired of my addiction to taking pictures of everything.

I also love vidoes. So, I put together this little clip so I can remember my time in Romania.

A few things you should know about Iasi, Romania:

-The Palace is a must see. We went to the museums inside and had a blast..not to mention it is so beautiful.

-You should shop there. I found some amazing jackets that are too cute and were fairly priced.

-Coffee is everywhere. I am talking everywhere. They even have vending machines for coffee. HAHA Starbucks was of course my favorite because it was familiar but I tried coffee from lots of places and loved it!

-Do not go to a grocery store right before it closes…. haha they literally pulled down drapes over the sections of food we were looking at. (10 minutes before it said it closed)





For future reference: get reservations if you even happen to be in Romania for NYE. HAHA

We were fine all day. We went to Starbucks, had a great lunch, shopped at the mall… everything was open.


We went home to get ready and by the time we were back everyone was staring at us like… um you can’t get in here haha


We ended up going to McDonald’s and drinking a bottle of wine!

It was simple and magical!


It is not what you are doing, where you eat or anything else.. it is all about who you are with!

Because Pizza Hut is ALWAYS a good idea…


All smiles in the cab ride. It is hard with the language barrier sometime to communicate with the cab drivers. Luckily Jaleel is really smart and has caught on to more Romanian words than I have. Sometimes he just shows a photo of the address too and that gets the job done.


We went to Pizza Hut. It was sooooooooo good. They had alcoholic beverages too that tasted very good. LOL



Chinese Food in Romania


Well I almost slept all day… still really struggling with the time change. But, luckily Jaleel had to workout and go to practice so it felt great to sleep lots.

As you can see in the photos above still have not found a solution to my plug issue hahaha


But we went to a Chinese restaurant it is spelt with a Z hahaha seemed risky but it was so good and we got an entire bottle of wine for only $5. Everything is pretty cheap here in comparison to the US.


So happy to be spending time with my love. YAY for adventures are random restaurants  haha