Girl Gang


What does girl power mean to you?


To me- girl power means a girl being anything she wants to be…doing anything she wants to do and being strong.

I was raised by a strong woman. My mom was not only a phenomenal mom but also a business woman. She taught me that I could become anything I wanted as long as I was willing to put forth the effort. Hard work pays off. Not always how you want it to but it always pays off.

I am such a firm believer in supporting the success of all- just because you see someone else being a boss babe does not mean you cannot be one yourself.

I want to cheer for women to succeed. I feel happy when they post their fitness journey. I feel joy when I see a friend get a promotion. Even if a girl online is a complete stranger I want to celebrate her successes.


To me that is what a girl gang is- girls united to support each other through life!



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Raider Nation

Growing up I was raised in a household that LOVES sports so, in turn here I am a lover of sports.


People as why the Raiders? Well, Utah doesn’t have a professional football team. So, most people in Utah like the Broncos or Steelers. But, my dad was born in Oakland and my mom growing up loved the Raiders.


So growing up we have loved and supported the Raiders. Last season I went to my first Raider game! It was an experience of a lifetime.

The fans are die hard and so nice.

Everyone invited us into their tailgate spots to try food and get the full Raider Nation experience.



I got this Baseball Jersey from Forever 21 on clearance for $16! And I love it!!!

Rise.. Shout.. because VCC Winter Collection is officially out!



Back at it again with my favorite clothing line.

Visionary Club Clothing released their winter collection and even though Utah is official cold my outfits will be fire!!

A few of my favorite pieces are:

I feel beanies are THE perfect winter accessory.

They make bad hair days good, they keep you warm and they make you feel cute!

Be sure to check out their entire collection — you won’t regret it!

vcc winter


Beanies & comfy shoes

First things first— I love BEANIES! It makes me so happy when I can bring them out. Saturday was a perfect fall day to officially re-introduce myself to beanie season. I went to the University of Utah football tailgate. I wanted to look cute and also be warm. I am wearing my Visionary Club Clothing beanie (they were the clothing co I gave a shout out to in my last blog. I love them). I paired it with my Adidas. They are red GO UTES! But, they are also so comfortable. I love that they fit my feet and I am constantly getting compliments on them.


Happy tailgating always!



My Fav Clothing Brand


My favorite clothing brand by far is Visionary Club Clothing.

VCC has me looking all swaggy even at the airport.

Whenever I wear Visionary Clothing people are always asking me about the squid.

So here you go:

Visionary Club Clothing is all about being a visionary. Which is where the squid came from because the squid is a true visionary. This marine predator has camera like vision that comes in handy giving it an advantage of seeing things other. The squid also has the ability to camouflage in order to adapt to its surroundings. The squid uses this as defense and to assist in catching its prey.

When we are in our darkest moments in life we have to become a squid.  We have to have the VISION to see opportunities where others do not. We have to be able to adapt to our surroundings in order to survive and flourish in the world that we live in. The squid represents the true visionary.


I am all about wearing clothes that represent my style but also have a greater purpose. Visionary Club has meaning, substance and looks great too.


Go check them out!


Fall is here

mountiansFall is my favorite time of the year for many reason.

I love when the Utah mountains change colors, I love fall fashion and I love everything pumpkin spice. It is fun to go for drives up the canyon to see the leaves changing. It almost happens overnight.. so, I make it a point to make my way up there before the first snowfall.


It is amazing to me how beautiful Utah’s mountains are. It feels like a movie scene or a background that comes on a computer.


Here I am:

I love rocking camo it is my go to. Especially in the fall and winter months.

In this photo I have a cute camo jacket on from Bohme and some booties that I got from Just Fab online. I am have a membership there. It is a subscription based membership where I can get a new pair of shoes each month– YIKES! You might think that is a ton of shoes but, I always have the option to “skip” the month if shoes are not in my budget or if my closet is too full.