Wine Party Decor

Party planning mode was activated again lol


My soon to be sister wanted to have a wine & cheese night to ask her bridesmaids to be in her wedding.

I had TOO much fun coordinating.


This came from Pinterest inspiration. I found the cheese boards on amazon for $15-$25. I then just set the table and added in the food as it worked. It ended up going better than anticipated. lol45400823_10156010272226089_4161255077060804608_n

I wanted some cute signs. I found this Wine O’Clock on Etsy for $2. I printed it off. I even plan to use it again for other fun wine events. I also took an empty vase to fill it with my mom’s old wine corks. I think the little touches paid off on this one!45376312_10156010272196089_1662513022020616192_n

We all got wine glasses that said bridesmaid and used them to drink the wine & champagne!45337771_10156010272531089_1397215202839101440_n

I used cute colored trays to create a vibe. I tried to have everything coordinate. These are from Dollar Tree. It made clean up easier because I was able to just throw them out.45340749_10156010273861089_6398908445294067712_n

I DO NOT have good handwriting. So on Amazon I had ordered these wine labels then used them to spice up the bags. In the bags Tayja wrote them all a note, had the cutest necklaces & we put the Bridesmaid wine glasses in there.45348765_10156010272261089_123501591322951680_n

Most of these trays are from Dollar Tree or my cupboards. The gold silverware and cut containers are from Walmart. I think the holders were $3 each. Just in the party section at Walmart near the wedding decor. 45450057_10156010272456089_8887503133291315200_n

I re-used this from the engagement party- Custom from Etsy. I plan to use it for any showers too. It is helpful to remind everyone of the wedding day since it is somewhat far way!45480424_10156010272396089_7729904349169582080_n

I have weirdly wanted this sign forever. This was a perfect occasion. I found it for $9 on Amazon. I feel like this is a sign I can re-use as well.45347569_10156010274276089_3974663551485739008_n

I did not get a goof photo of the flowers but I like to have fresh flowers at parties. I think they help make it feel put together. They aren’t expensive and I get personal joy after the party too! lol45433183_10156010272386089_7229450052555505664_n


Feel free to comment or find me on Instagram if you have any questions.


Also as always huge party tip- cute decor sets the mood for great pictures. Take lots of pictures they help capture the moment and make it even more memorable.


XOXO Meggy G


A perfect party for a perfect human

Click to watch video: Momma G’s Birthday Video



My mom is my best friend. I was so excited to plan and put together a special party for her. I spent weeks planning, coordinating and getting all the details perfect.

It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. She loved it. Plus everyone had a blast! From eating, drinking, dancing to singing karaoke. We had it all lol

The turnout was awesome, great music, good food and I pulled off the surprise video.

My mom is special to so many so I wanted to put together a video of her favorite people sending her a 50th birthday wish!