Long Distance Love

Clearly I am writing this because there is a special someone that I am missing…just a little bit extra tonight. Long distance love is extremely complicated and difficult(well worth it though). We not only have the distance issue but the time difference issue to tackle as well. It is 10:28pm here and I am so tired I am barely awake (I am a sleepy girl/granny) he is dead asleep because it is 7:28am there. We have tried it all. He is the best because he stays up late to be able to talk to me. He usually stays up until about 1am so we can text and maximize our time to talk.

Anyway instead of sitting here being super sad because my favorite human is on the other side of the world asleep I am going to focus on all of the things in 2018 that make long distance love a little bit easier.

#1- FACETIME: I swear I feel like I am hanging out with him. We can eat together, scroll through IG at the same time, watch a video together.. even fall asleep together. I am super grateful for FaceTime.

#2- SOCIAL MEDIA: I am the more annoying one so he will wake up to a text, a Marco-polo (the cooler snapchat you should try it), a twitter DM and a few Instagram DMs of random things I see throughout my day that remind me of him. It is fun for us to wake up feeling like we were a part of each other’s days! It is a simple picture of what we had for dinner or video saying goodnight that helps!

#3- PHOTOS/VIDEOS: I love to look at old pictures or listen to videos whenever I miss his voice and face. I feel nostalgic whenever I look at our photos. I even use iMovie to make random little clips to watch. It makes me feel a little bit closer to him.

So, as much as it sucks to be this far from my love at least technology helps bridge the gap. It is not a forever thing so it is cool to have a way to feel close to him in the meantime. Thanks 2018 for making it easier to long distance love!!!



Whenever life has me feeling overwhelmed I like to write down what I am grateful for.



I started doing this in college.

It is the best way to snap out of anything— feeling sad, feeling stressed or feeling jealous of other’s lives.


So, here is what I am grateful for today:


My sweet momma- I could never put into words all that she does for me. She is always helping me get through life and we laugh always. We are a riot together. So, I am extra grateful for her.


My sweet lover boy- he is my biggest cheerleader. Always celebrating with me my tiny victories in life. Especially through Graduate School. He has been the greatest. I am also grateful that his job makes it so I travel to fun new places. On Christmas Eve I am heading to Europe and I cannot wait!!


My baby dog- literally it is impossible to be sad in the morning when I wake up to him smiling so big. He loves me unconditionally & makes everything more exciting!


My big bro- he is always there to hear me vent about my day or tell me random cool facts. He also helps me with my dog so much. He is Jazz’s favorite person!


I am grateful that I have the opportunity to live in Utah. I love all of the beauty that surrounds me. It is weird but after all these years I have never gotten used to the mountains. Almost every day on my way home from work I find myself saying dang— those are beautiful. They make snow, sunsets & fall even prettier!


The chance to further my education. On the nights where I am so tired I can’t seem to read another page… I remind myself it is a blessing to have the opportunity to pursue my Masters Degree.


Last but not least, my health. I am healthy & happy. I have very few limitations in life. I can go places, see things, experience things.. all while laughing.


Feeling blessed, grateful & honored to see another day!


Bubble Baths

What is the BEST thing to do after a long day of work?


I really enjoy unwinding after a long day. It is therapeutic and so very necessary.

I am a high strung human living a high strung life. I wear myself out because I am a ball of energy always on the go.

My baths aren’t complete without:

  • A bath bomb
  • Lots of candles to set the aimbiance
  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt
  • A good book.

Right now I am reading “The Self-Love Experiment” by Shannon Kaiser. So far, I LOVE IT! It has great reminders about self-love and self-care. We have to be aware of how we are treating our body and speaking about ourselves.

Life will treat you better if you treat yourself with love.

It is easy in our day and age to be overcritical. We live in a world of perfection– we strive for perfection, post our perfectly posed photos and only share the best parts of our world.

It is good to remind yourself that you HAVE to love yourself..imperfections and all.

After any bath I like to put on my Stress Relief Lotion from Bath & Body Works. It has eucalyptus and smells amazing!!!!


Don’t forget to take time for yourself each and everyday. We can’t pour from a glass that is half full. You must take time to check in with yourself, make sure you are happy & rested and most importantly if you don’t take care of yourself who will?


Avoiding the Grad School Blues


I am currently in Grad School to get my MHR. I love Human Resources and I love my Masters Program. But, somedays I start to feel defeated. I am a total perfectionist. I am very hard on myself and I tend to take on more than I can handle. But, I wouldn’t change that about myself.

I like that I expect nothing but the best from myself, I think it has made me the driven person I am today.

Grad school full time and working full time has challenged me in ways I didn’t imagine were possible. I love it. It is gratifying that I am able to work and continue my education.

Every few weeks I will have a rough school day — today is an example.

I was a little worn down and still had to write a 9 page paper. So, whenever I feel the blues coming I remind myself that nothing worth having comes easy and that reaching milestones in life will push your limits.

Quotes are great reminders to myself to push through the good days and the bad days.


epictetus-great-thing-8x10-colorfranklin-energy-persistence-8x10-colorgrass-greener-where-you-water8x10greenjordan-be-afraid-not-to-try-8x10-orangeI got all these cute quote banners off this blog — I was searching on Pinterest and fell in LOVE!


The Power of Pinterest

When I try to think of life before Pinterest I feel overwhelmed… like wait? There was life before Pinterest?!

For so many years I have been so active on Pinterest it is hard to remember what I did before I could pin my life away.

One of the number one things I enjoy about Pinterest- the quotes!

Here are a few of my favorites as of lately:


Simple quotes about happiness, life and growth tend to be what I gravitate towards. We all know that happiness is homemade but, it is great to read a quote and be reminded that we are the only one who can make ourselves genuinely happy.

Life is too short not to be happy and grateful for all the little things.


XOXO meggy G