Iasi in Review




I love photos— sooo much! I think everyone I love gets tired of my addiction to taking pictures of everything.

I also love vidoes. So, I put together this little clip so I can remember my time in Romania.

A few things you should know about Iasi, Romania:

-The Palace is a must see. We went to the museums inside and had a blast..not to mention it is so beautiful.

-You should shop there. I found some amazing jackets that are too cute and were fairly priced.

-Coffee is everywhere. I am talking everywhere. They even have vending machines for coffee. HAHA Starbucks was of course my favorite because it was familiar but I tried coffee from lots of places and loved it!

-Do not go to a grocery store right before it closes…. haha they literally pulled down drapes over the sections of food we were looking at. (10 minutes before it said it closed)






For future reference: get reservations if you even happen to be in Romania for NYE. HAHA

We were fine all day. We went to Starbucks, had a great lunch, shopped at the mall… everything was open.


We went home to get ready and by the time we were back everyone was staring at us like… um you can’t get in here haha


We ended up going to McDonald’s and drinking a bottle of wine!

It was simple and magical!


It is not what you are doing, where you eat or anything else.. it is all about who you are with!

Because Pizza Hut is ALWAYS a good idea…


All smiles in the cab ride. It is hard with the language barrier sometime to communicate with the cab drivers. Luckily Jaleel is really smart and has caught on to more Romanian words than I have. Sometimes he just shows a photo of the address too and that gets the job done.


We went to Pizza Hut. It was sooooooooo good. They had alcoholic beverages too that tasted very good. LOL



Chinese Food in Romania


Well I almost slept all day… still really struggling with the time change. But, luckily Jaleel had to workout and go to practice so it felt great to sleep lots.

As you can see in the photos above still have not found a solution to my plug issue hahaha


But we went to a Chinese restaurant it is spelt with a Z hahaha seemed risky but it was so good and we got an entire bottle of wine for only $5. Everything is pretty cheap here in comparison to the US.


So happy to be spending time with my love. YAY for adventures are random restaurants  haha

First Day in Iasi

As expected I am having a blast. It was ironic because when people would ask where I was going for the holidays & I would respond “Romania” most people were like oh… interesting…


Before Jaleel played here I am going to be honest. I had no idea what Romania was, where it was or any details. But, once he told me he was headed here I started to research. When I say research I went to Google haha

Honestly it is a beautiful country. I am impressed. For my first day here, I slept in. I was super tired from the long day of travel. Then Jaleel showed me around. We walked to the mall so I could see parts of the city. Everything is older here, they don’t have many new buildings or buildings that have had many renovations done.

The churches are gorgeous here!

I think the graffiti everywhere is pretty cool. It is more so on the college side of town. Jaleel lives more towards where all the college students live. I had to stop and do a photo shoot by the graffiti. I think graffiti can be such a work of art. I don’t see it much in Utah so it is really interesting to me.

We went to the mall. There was a KFC in the food court haha. It makes me laugh because the first KFC ever was right by my house and now I have seen a KFC in the Dominican Republic & Romania. The food court also had a Chinese restaurant but Chinese was spelt with a Z.

After we ate, I did lots of shopping. Things are very cheap here so of course I had to get some fun jackets. I even got a sick new pair of Nikes.


PS. The people here don’t seem to smile a ton. It is interesting. They mean mug a lot.


We ended the night at the movies. It was surprising but they show their movies in English with Romanian subtitles. I have never been into the Star Wars series but it was AMAZING. We loved it!

Looking forward to exploring more as my trip goes on.

20 hour travel days & a Christmas Surprise.


Yesterday was a day I will never forget. I took the a long journey to travel to my love. All the way from Salt Lake City, Utah to Iasi, Romania. Now I did not want it to be quite as long as it was.  A few days prior to leaving I had noticed that I had a randomly unnecessary 9 hour layover in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I worked to find a different flight so I could get to Jaleel sooner.

I called Expedia to let them know that I would be changing the final leg of my departure flight to make my 9 hour layover only two!! So excited I had no idea what news was to come. Two phone calls and two hours o being on hold later they let me know that if I did not get on that final flight after the 9 hour layover my return flight would be canceled. I felt so scared, angry and annoyed. I even texted people I knew from Delta cause I was in shock that over one small 45 minute flight they would cancel my entire return trip. I then called Delta. After an hour they told me they could gladly help me by changing my return flight to having Bucharest as the final destination. I felt a sigh of relief. Then I would not spend 9 hours on Christmas alone in the Bucharest airport. But, Delta told me it would cost about $1000 additional…. on top of what Jaleel & I already spent on my flight.

I honestly cried. My anxiety was through the roof. I was already so nervous to travel cross country alone and to top it off I felt like the airlines did not want to help me whatsoever. I just realized I would have to toughen up and calm down. The flight would be long, the layover would feel longer but it would all be worth it to reach my final destination — my sweet boyfriend’s arms.

So, I was going about my travel day. It was a breeze at first. I got to SLC International airport extra early so that I would be calm when boarding my flight to Amsterdam. I did not realize my luggage would be free with my international flight (total bonus), there was no line through security & I had time to squeeze in two mimosas.

I got on my huge flight. Found my seat.. which was great. Then I looked up… I looked around… I was frantically looking everywhere to figure out where I could put my carry on. I could find nothing. I could not even find a flight attendant to help me. Then finally because I was the last passenger standing a flight attendant helped me find a spot for my carry on. It was nowhere near my seat. It was practically in the front of the plane on the other side of the plane. But, hey I found a place.

I made my way back to my seat and bam the rest was great. I slept, ate good and watched movies. Then I made it to Amsterdam where they had no boards saying which flight was in which gate. I found a nice man that spoke English and led me to the correct gate. About 20 minutes later we boarded. I had an exit row but it was in the back of the plane.. haha right by the bathroom.

I was so tired I slept through the entire 3 hour plane ride. I woke up and went through customs. The second I could I connected to wifi to let Jaleel and my family know I had made it to Bucharest safely. I looked up at the perfect time waiting for my bags the door opened and there he was my sweet boyfriend smiling and waving at me.. I then read the cute text I had received from Jaleel saying that he was flying to Bucharest to spend the day with me because he did not want his girl spending Christmas alone. He was there with a flower. Like what? Like how cute is he???

The second I saw him my heart skipped a beat. I can’t put into words how happy I was when I could run up and give him a hug.

It was truly the best Christmas gift I could have ever dreamed of.

It was so fun to have him with me on my flight to Iasi.


I am looking forward to exploring the city with Jaleel.

I hope all of you had a very, Merry Christmas!!!